Resource Permissions

Every resource in Secoda (dictionary terms, docs, datasets) has customizable permissions.

How to manage resource permissions

You can change the permissions on every asset in Secoda. The default permissions are for everyone in your workspace that is not a guest or viewer.
To change the permissions on any resource in Secoda, go to the right-hand side and click the three dots beside Published/Draft.
You can also manage additional roles and permissions on a resource level to dictate what a user can do on a resource. The different permissions include:
  • Read-only: Can not make any changes to the document. This person could be an editor, but still could be restricted to a resource.
  • Can-edit: Can make changes to a document, but cannot execute query blocks in the document
  • Full-access: Can make changes to the document and execute query blocks in it
The above can be done for a single user or for a group of users. From this view, you can view who currently has access, and add/remove users accordingly.
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