Clean up your data

Clean up your data resources with Secoda's help.

Make sure you check the lineage graph in Secoda before deprecating a resource in the source!

Secoda has built in tools that allows you to clean up your data resources.

End result:

  • Reduced time identifying this data manually

  • Improved data quality and security

  • Improved productivity for analysts trying to find the right data

  • Reduced costs on data storage

Features for cleaning up your data

  • Popularity metadata is another important metric for understanding what could be deprecated.

  • Sort the Catalog by Popularity to find unused resources with minimal views or queries.

  • Create an Automation to automatically tag resources as Stale if they haven't been queried or edited recently.

  • Then just filter the Catalog for Stale sources to bulk deprecate them!

All of the above practices can also be done through the Secoda API. Reach out to support in the Secoda Community Slack if you have questions about how to utilize the API for your data deprecation goals.

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