An overview of the Tableau integration with Secoda

Tableau Metadata Extracted

There are three steps to connect Tableau with Secoda:

  1. Enable Metadata API

  2. Create an Access Token

  3. Retrieve your host name, API version, and site name

  4. Connect Tableau to Secoda

Enable Metadata API (Tableau Server ONLY)

If you're on Tableau Online, you can skip this step. If you're on Tableau Server reach out to your administrator to enable the metadata API. Instructions for enabling the API can be found in this Tableau documentation under the section Enable the Tableau Metadata API for Tableau Server.

  1. Open a command prompt as an admin on the initial node (where TSM is installed) in the cluster.

  2. Run the command: tsm maintenance metadata-services enable

Create an Access Token

To create a Tableau access token for Secoda log into your account. Use the following steps to generate an access token:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right and select 'My Account Settings' from the dropdown menu.

  2. Scroll to the section 'Personal Access Tokens'

  3. Enter in a token name and press 'Create new token'. Save the token name and secret, this will be used to connect to Secoda.

Retrieve your host name and API version

Your host is the first part of the url in Tableau Online before the # and should be in the form of https://<location> For example:

Use the table from this page to determine your API version.

The site name can be found in the url on Tableau Online which immediately follows /#/site. For example:

Connect Tableau to Secoda

After creating a Tableau access token, the next step is to connect to Secoda:

  1. In the Secoda App, select ‘Add Integration’ on the Integrations tab

  2. Search for and select ‘Tableau’

  3. Enter your Tableau credentials you created above

  4. Click 'Connect'


Tableau Previews are not working

  • Error: Unexpected Server Error when accessing Secoda through Safari and other browsers. You must enable cross site sharing on Safari as mentioned in this article. Go into Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking".

  • Error: iframe is denied by “X-Frame-Options“ directive set to “SAMEORIGIN“. You must disable clickjack defense if you are hosting tableau on-premise. Please refer to this article for more details. The relevant commands are:

tsm configuration set -k wgserver.clickjack_defense.enabled -v false
tsm pending-changes apply

Authorization failure

Please re-generate an access token in Tableau and add it to your Tableau integration in Secoda.

PAT Expiration

If you are running your extraction every 15 days or more, you'll have to increase the expiry of your PAT to prevent authorization failures. See here for how to do this.

Lineage Issues

If you are coming across issues with seeing incomplete lineage for Tableau resources, confirm whether the Show complete lineage option is selected under Settings > Sensitive Lineage Data.

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