Power BI Metadata Extracted

List of all the metadata that Secoda pulls from Power BI

What does Secoda extract from PowerBI?

  • Groups

    • Group Name

  • Reports

    • Report Name

    • Report Description

    • Report Owners

    • Report Usage (Number of views in PowerBI)

    • Report URL

  • Tiles

    • Tile Name

    • Tile Description

    • Tile Owners

    • Tile URL

  • Datasets

    • Dataset Name

  • Tables

    • Table Name

  • Measures

    • Measure Name

  • Dashboards

    • Dashboard Name

    • Dashboard Description

    • Dashboard Owners

    • Dashboard URL

  • DAX

You must fully enable metadata scanning in order for DAX expressions to be returned. For more information, see Enable tenant settings for metadata scanning.

  • Pages (Pages are referred to as Charts in Secoda)

    • Page Name

  • Lineage

    • PowerBI Table <-> PowerBI Report

    • PowerBI Tile <-> PowerBI Dashboard

    • PowerBI Tile <-> PowerBI Report

To determine lineage from PowerBI, we use the relationships and dependencies provided from the PowerBI APIs. If using Non Admin APIs we will not be able to show lineage to other resources (ex Snowflake tables), but lineage within PowerBI will be visible.

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