Mode Metadata Extracted

List of all the metadata that Secoda pulls from Mode

What does Secoda extract from Mode?

NOTE: Preview of Mode resources is available in Secoda if permissions are granted.

  • Spaces

    • Space Name

  • Report

    • Report Name

    • Report Description

    • Report Owners

    • Report URL

  • Dataset

    • Dataset name

    • Dataset Description

    • Dataset Owner

  • Field

    • Field Name

    • Field Type

  • Charts

    • Chart Name

    • Chart Description

    • Chart URL

  • Queries

  • Lineage

    • Mode Chart <-> Mode Report

    • Mode Query <-> Mode Chart

    • Mode Query <-> Mode Dataset

    • Mode Dataset <-> Mode Chart

    • Mode Chart <-> Tables from other sources

To determine lineage from Mode, we use the relationships and dependencies provided from the Mode APIs as well as our own Query parser to determine lineage to sources outside of Mode.

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