Stale Data Identifier

Secoda's stale data identifier finds stale columns, tables or dashboards in your data.

Importance of identifying stale data

Stale data greatly impacts the reliability and usefulness of your companies data. If your users are accessing and working with stale data without them knowing, this creates issues with inaccuracies and then a lack of trust in the data.

Secoda hopes to identify your stale data resources to improve the overall data quality of your data.

How it works

Secoda automatically hides any stale data from users in the workspace. We define stale data as any resources that no longer show up in the most recent extractions from your integration.

To see the list of Stale data in your workspace, use the keyboard shortcut command+k and scroll down to "Archive".

You can choose to disable automatic staling in the Settings > Preferences:

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