An overview of the Retool integration with Secoda

Retool Metadata Extracted

Getting Started with Session Cookies

There are two steps to get started using Retool with Secoda through session cookies:

  1. Retrieve a Retool session cookie

  2. Connect Retool to Secoda

Secoda uses a series of REST APIs that Retool uses for its platform, which requires a session cookie. To get a session cookie follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Retool workspace and open developer tools by right-clicking and selecting Inspect

  1. Click on the Network tab and enter url:<yourworkspace> in the filter head

  1. Refresh the page and you should see some requests populate

  2. Click on user network request, navigate to Headers tab, scroll down to the Request Headers section and copy the cookie header.

Connect to Retool

After retrieving the session cookie, you can connect Retool to Secoda by following these steps:

  1. In Secoda, head to the Integrations page and click New integration

  2. Select Retool

  3. Paste the cookie into the Cookie text input field

  4. Click Connect

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