OneLogin SAML


If you're self-hosted, replace with your domain.

  1. In the OneLogin console go to Applications > Add App and search for "SAML Custom Connector (Advanced)" and select the option.

  2. Name the app Secoda and click Save.

  3. In the Configuration tab set the ACS (Consumer) URL Validator and ACS (Consumer) URL to your personalized endpoint: Click Save.

  4. Go to the Parameters tab and add a new parameter by clicking the + button.

    1. Put email as the Field name and click Enter

    2. Select your email attribute as the the Value

    3. Click Save

  5. Go to the SSO tab and copy the Issuer URL.

  6. Navigate to the Secoda app > Settings > Security > SAML

  7. Choose General as the SAML Provider (IDP)

  8. Paste the link from Step 5 under "Metadata URL"

  9. Click Request which will alert the Secoda team of your request.

Once Secoda has completed their steps, you will be able to go to navigate to Secoda, click “Sign in with SAML”, and enter your domain to complete sign-in.

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