Integrating Secoda into existing workflows

Check out best strategies on integrating Secoda into your current day-to-day flows.

Let's face it - bringing on a new tool to your already-hectic workflow can seem stressful.

With Secoda, users shouldn't have to change current behaviors to engage with the product. We've iterated on and added many features to allow Secoda to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows.

  • Connect the AI Assistant to your data requests Slack channel so that users don't have to leave their Slack workflow to find answers. Check out best practices here.

  • End result:

    • Improved data literacy

    • Reduced time spent on repetitive replies to users

    • More time for analysts to focus on their most important tasks

  • Download the Chrome extension to enable your users to access Secoda metadata directly in the other tools they're currently working in, like BigQuery and Tableau

  • If the extension is enabled, a user can see and edit important information like ownership and descriptions coming from Secoda without having to move across multiple tabs

  • Users can pick and choose notifications and alerts regarding changes in the workspace to be sent over Slack

  • If you own or subscribe to a resource, you will receive notifications regarding any changes to the schema - indicates it might be time to edit documentation or edit a dashboard

  • End result:

    • Improved data quality

    • Reduced time spent on manual notifications

Jira Integration

  • Connect the Jira integration to seamless manage your data requests coming in from Jira, directly in the Secoda Questions feature

Confluence Integration

  • Connect the Confluence integration to bring in content from Confluence spaces and pages

  • Why integrate Confluence?

    • Users don't have to change their current behavior of documenting there

    • Documentation from Confluence becomes easily searchable within Secoda, as well as from Slack after you connect the Slack integration

    • Ask the AI assistant questions about what exists in Confluence to speed up documentation and discovery

    • Link documents to related resources like tables in the Catalog, or metrics in the Dictionary

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