An overview of Dataplex integration with Secoda

Dataplex Metadata Extracted

Getting started with Dataplex

There are two steps to get started using Dataplex with Secoda

  1. Create a GCP Service Account JSON key

  2. Connect Dataplex to Secoda

Create a GCP Service Account JSON key

  • Login to GCP console and go to the Service Accounts page.

  • Click + Create Service Account

  • Enter a name click Create and Continue

  • In the Grant this service account access to project section add the Data Catalog Viewer role and Dataplex Metadata Reader role

  • Click Done

  • Search for the Service Account that was just created, click the three dots action menu and select Manage keys

  • Click Add key > Create new key

  • Select JSON and click Create

  • Save the JSON key to be used later

Connect Dataplex to Secoda

After retrieving the Service Account JSON key, the next step is to connect it to Secoda:

  1. In the Secoda App, select Add Integration on the Integrations tab

  2. Search for and select Dataplex

  3. Enter your Dataplex Service Account JSON key retreived above

  4. Once successfully connected, a prompt will ask you to run the initial extraction

Once Connected to Secoda

After the sync has completed successfully, resources that are decorated with additional metadata (e.g. tag templates) and fields will have the Dataplex icon. The fields will show up as custom properties in the resource sidebar.

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