Custom Properties

Custom properties allow you add additional context to resources in Secoda.


Custom properties allow you to enrich the metadata of your resources within Secoda, providing additional context and enhancing organization. This guide outlines the methods to add custom properties to individual resources and in bulk.

The only way to add custom properties in bulk is to use our Import/Export feature.

Adding Custom Properties to Individual Resources

Via Side Panel:

  1. Access the Resource: Navigate to the specific resource (document, table, column, etc.) within Secoda.

  2. Add the Property: Use the "+ Add Property" button located on the right side panel.

  3. Choose Property Type: Select from Text, Checkbox, User, Tag, Resource, Date, Number, Select, and Multiselect Property types.

  4. Edit the Property: Click into the value to edit the Property.

  5. Delete the Property: Click into the Property type to Delete it.

For all Columns in a Specific Table:

  1. Navigate to the Table: Go to the table where you want to add properties to columns.

  2. Add the Property: Use the designated button as shown in the image below to add properties directly to all columns within the table. This will create additional columns in the table's catalog, similar to the Description and Type columns.

Bulk Adding of Custom Properties

To efficiently add custom properties to multiple resources:

  1. Use Import/Export Feature: Prepare a CSV for importing metadata into Secoda. Include an additional column for each custom property you wish to add. This method is ideal for adding properties across various resources simultaneously.

pageImport and Export Resources

By following these instructions, you can tailor the metadata within your Secoda environment to meet your specific organizational needs, enhancing both the utility and accessibility of your data resources.

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