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Custom Properties

While you cannot add custom properties to your data directly from Secoda, you can insert custom properties in your metadata.
This allows you to add more context and organize the datasets that you've integrated to Secoda.
There are a few ways to add custom properties to resources in Secoda.
The only way to add custom properties in bulk is to use our Import/Export feature.
Add a custom property to a Resource through the Side Panel:
Navigate to the resource and add the Custom Property using the button on the Right side panel. This can be used to add a Custom Property to Documents, Tables, Columns, and more.
Adding custom properties through a side panel.
By default, the properties will be text. However, you can adjust the type by clicking on the icon.
Add a custom property to all the Columns in a table:
Navigate to the table that the columns belong to, and add the property using the button highlighted in the image below. This will add an additional column to this table's catalogue, similar to the Description and Type columns seen below.
Adding properties to a table.
Add custom properties in bulk:
To add custom properties in bulk, you'll need to utilize our Import and Export feature linked below. In the CSV that you are using to upload resources to Secoda, add an additional column. Every additional column will be applied to every resource in the CSV as a new property. Note, this is the only way to bulk add custom properties to columns from different tables, at one time.
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