Deployment options

Check out the deployment options for setting up Secoda.

Secoda offers three main deployment options depending on your organization's needs.

Multi-Tenant Cloud

You can select from the following regions for hosting our multi-tenant Cloud version of the app:

  1. US (us-east-1)

  2. EU (eu-central-1)

  3. APAC (ap-southeast-1)

With our multi-tenant setup (and most software SaaS), organization's application data is stored on a shared database. All application data is stored within a private VPC and is separated at the software-level using row-level security, global checks, and automated tests to ensure data is securely separated.

Single-Tenant Cloud

A single-tenant Cloud set up is an isolated version of the app in it's own VPC in the region of your choice. The following holds true for this option:

  • All of your organization's application data exists in it's own database that is not shared with any other Secoda customers.

  • The Secoda team manages all application upgrades and infrastructure changes.

  • You can select your own custom URL, i.e,

This provides stronger security guarantees, dedicated resources, and can offer lower latency by configuration in a nearby AWS region.

Self-Hosted (On-Premise)

There are three options for self-hosting Secoda:

  1. AWS ECS (recommended)

The self-hosted options require DevOps support from the customer and Secoda which can result in higher costs.

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