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Resource and Metadata Management

This section will guide you in editing and improving the metadata in your workspace.

Getting Started with Resource and Metadata Management in Secoda

Secoda ingests metadata and resources from your data warehouse, BI tool and ETL processes. After the metadata has been extracted, Secoda gives data teams an interface to document and manage their metadata in the same place that the rest of their data knowledge lives. This section will highlight the different ways that data teams can manage, document and share metadata and resources in Secoda.

What is a resource?

In Secoda, a resource is any entity that metadata can be added to. This includes, but is not limited to, tables, dashboards, charts, columns, queries, documents, dictionary terms, and more.
Most resources can be opened into their own page. The page will include tabs for Lineage, and Documentation, and a side panel with several pieces of information about the resource. For a breakdown of the information on the side panel, check out the page below.

What is metadata?

In Secoda, metadata is the additional information you can provide to add context to your resources. This includes descriptions, definitions, owners, custom properties, and more. Metadata is the lifeblood of Secoda, the more you put in, the more you'll get out of the tool!
To edit metadata of more than one resource at a time, check out our Editing Metadata section below!
If you're looking to add some custom properties or tags, the pages linked with walk you through that process!
Learn how to assign owners to your resources, or relate resources to one another below!
Finally, if you're looking to make edits outside of Secoda, you can export all your resources, and edit their metadata in a CSV. Import the CSV back in to see all your changes! More details below.
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