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What are Tags?

Tags are a static way to label Resources with useful context that other users in your workspace need to know. Secoda has two built-in default tags, PII Identifier and Verified Identifier. To add additional tags to your workspace, you can create Custom Tags based on how you'd like to categorize data in your organization.

Bulk Tagging

There are a few ways that you can tag your resources in bulk. Use the Bulk Editing Metadata feature to drag a Tag down to add it to multiple resources at once (similar to the click and drag feature in Excel and G-Sheets).
You can also bulk tag using our Propagating Metadata feature. If there's a tag that you'd like to propagate to other resources with the same or similar name, or in the resource's downstream lineage, you can do so using this feature.

Deleting Tags

You can delete a Custom Tag by clicking Delete on the same Settings page. Since this action can't be undone within the UI, you will receive a warning before you confirm that you'd like to delete the tag.

Filtering for Tags

You might want to filter your search for resources with the same Tag. You can do that by clicking Add filter within the Search window.
Last modified 1mo ago