Analytics Dashboard

Take a look into the usage of your workspace

Admins and Editors have access to the Analytics dashboard which showcases how their Secoda workspace is being used. They also receive a weekly email that highlights the metrics in this analytics dashboard.

Some metrics that are tracked include:

  • Monthly, Weekly and Daily active users

  • Popular resources and searches

  • Top editors and viewers

  • Integration-specific: Snowflake costs, dbt tests, dbt runs

This feature is located above Settings in the left side panel.


Create Reports to organize your Analytics widgets into separate themes. For example, you can have one Report that shows stats on your users, another on documentation, and another on Snowflake costs.

Filtering the dashboard

You are able to filter on the widgets in the dashboard. In the gif below, you can see how to filter on "Popular resources" to show the most popular charts for example!

Identifying undocumented resources

Another important metric you can filter for here is undocumented popular resources. This would be an important metric to know about so that you can make sure to build out the documentation since your users are often visiting these resources.

Reach out to us if there are other metrics that you'd like to see in this dashboard!

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