Onboard new users

Learn some best practices on rolling out Secoda to new users.

Once you've connected your data and built out some documentation within the workspace, you might consider who will be the main users of Secoda. This guide should help you with deciding an initial rollout group, as well as lay out some steps you might take while onboarding users.

Choosing your rollout group

This will look different across all organizations. Some data teams would like everyone in their organization to have access to Secoda, while others might want to limit the member size initially.

Gradual rollout option

We find that teams feel more confident rolling out to a larger group if they are able to start with a smaller focus group of individuals to test and build out documentation within the product.

Consider who might be your target users. We like to encourage teams to think about the different personas across their organization and who might best benefit from using Secoda. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who is the most knowledgable about the different data across your organization?

  • Whose workflows could be improved and automated with a tool like Secoda?

Both of these questions could be great places to start in terms of creating a core group of users to become champion editors within the product.

Onboarding new users

There are many different ways that our users go about onboarding their teammates into Secoda. Here are some steps that we suggest as best practices.

Workshop ideas

Once you've onboarded your initial rollout group, you might find it helpful to host workshop sessions to get the documentation flowing. Here are some ideas you might consider:

  • Teams workshops: Organize recurring Teams workshops to discuss how the group would like to organize their resources. Talk through and designate owners, and consider implementing different custom metadata tags for your resources.

  • Dictionary workshop: Brainstorm a list of terms that the group uses/hears in their day to day workflows. What concepts or terms are you often explaining to others? Those could be potential terms in the Dictionary!

  • Documentation days: Set aside a recurring workshop for documentation clean up days to ensure that your users are staying on top of the resources that they own.

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