To make permissioning and sharing resources a seamless process, you can create groups within Secoda and restrict/share based on user groups.

Share with groups

To make it easier to share with commonly-used groups (i.e. your company's engineering team or community team), you can create your own member groups and assign them permission to access resources.
Good to know: you can create groups for different user roles across the board. You can also give them names (i.e. Investors, marketing team) to keep roles and permissions organized.
Here are quick instructions for group sharing:
  • Go to Settings & Members and you'll see a list of all your members and guests. Click the Groups heading at the top of that list.
  • Click Create a group, give it a name, and add the members you want.
  • To share a resource with a particular group, go to Share at the top right of that resource, then click the Add people button. You'll see your groups listed in the invite pop-up that appears. You can add and remove people from this same view.
You can also see which group each member of your team belongs to and see what resources that team owns. You can use your groups to assign resources to multiple people and navigate to see what different groups are able to use in Secoda.
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