An overview of the Superset integration with Secoda

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Getting started with Superset

There are 3 steps to connect Superset to Secoda:

  1. Retrieve your Superset host (e.g.

  2. Retrieve your Superset credentials

  3. Connect Superset to Secoda

Retrieve your Superset host

Get your host from Superset. This is the base URL for your Superset instance. For example

Retrieve your Superset credentials

Your username or password is required to connect Superset to Secoda. We recommend creating a service account specifically for Secoda that can provide control over what dashboards and charts Secoda has access to.

Connect Superset to Secoda

After retrieving your API token and secret the next step is to connect to Secoda:

  1. In the Secoda App, select Add Integration on the Integrations page

  2. Search for and select Superset

  3. Enter your host and Access Token and Secret

  4. Click Connect

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