An overview of the Cluvio integration with Secoda

Cluvio Metadata Extracted

Getting started with Cluvio

There are 2 steps to get started using Cluvio with Secoda:

  1. Create a Cluvio username and password

  2. Connect Cluvio to Secoda

Please ensure that the Username and Password used to connect to Secoda, correspond to a user that has access to all the resources intended to sync with Secoda. It is recommended that this user be an Admin in Cluvio.

Connecting Cluvio to Secoda

After retrieving your Cluvio username and password, the next step is to connect to Secoda:

  1. In the Secoda App, select Add Integration on the Integrations tab

  2. Search for and select Cluvio

  3. Enter your Cluvio username and password

  4. Click Connect

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