AI Assistant

This page will go over the AI Assistant functionality.


Secoda's AI Assistant can be thought of as ChatGPT for your data stack. Using a chat interface, it lets anyone at your company get an answer to a data question, regardless of technical ability.
Secoda's AI Assistant is powered by OpenAI's APIs, which sit atop the GPT4 Large Language Model. By sharing only the metadata in your workspace with OpenAI, Secoda's AI Assistant can help you with documentation, query building, locating institutional knowledge, and more!

Set Up

By default, the AI Assistant is off. To toggle it on, you must go into your Workspace Settings, and scroll down to find the AI section.
Screenshot showing how to enable AI Search in the Workspace Settings.
Once the AI Search is enabled, you'll see the AI Assistant in the left hand menu.
Screen shot showing where you can access the AI Assistant once it's been enabled.

How to use the AI Assistant

You can use the AI Assistant within the Secoda app, as well as in your other workflows:
Check out our best practices for using the AI Assistant here Best Practices.
Use the AI to generate descriptions for your data directly in the Catalog. Read more AI Description Editor.

Future Improvements

We are very excited about the Secoda AI Assistant, and are regularly making improvements to it. Improvements to look out for are:
  • Quicker and more reliable performance
  • Better understanding of prompts
  • Role and access based answers
  • And more!
Secoda AI Assistant is only available for Version 7.0.0 and up. If you are running Secoda On Premise or using a managed Instance, this functionality may not be available for you yet. Stay tuned!