Propagating Metadata

This section will go over how to propagate metadata between related resources.

Getting Started with Propagating Metadata

Secoda enables you to copy all or some of the metadata from one resource to a related resource in your workspace.

To Propagate Metadata, select the Propagate Metadata button on the resource with your desired metadata properties.

Once clicked, a popup will be shown which will allow you to chose which metadata properties you'd like to propagate, and which related resources you'd like the metadata properties to be propagated to. The related resources can be searched for by Exact Name, Similar Name, or Downstream Lineage. You have the option to choose one or multiple properties, and one, multiple or Select all resources, respectively.

In this popup, you can also chose to override existing metadata on the receiving resource(s) with the metadata properties that you're propagating. If this is not chosen, the metadata will only propagate to properties that don't currently have a value.

Want to see this feature in action? Watch the Loom video below, or send us a message!

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