An overview of the Stitch integration with Secoda

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Getting Started with Stitch

There are two steps to get started using Stitch with Secoda:

  1. Retrieve your Stitch Client ID

  2. Generate an API Key on Stitch

  3. Connect Stitch to Secoda with your API Key and API Secret

Secoda pulls the following metadata from the Stitch API: jobs, run times, owners, destinations, and other general metadata around jobs.

Retrieve your Stitch Client ID

Your Stitch client ID can be found in the URL of your Stitch instance. For example, the client ID for is 210396.

Generate an API Key

  1. Login to Stitch and head to the Settings > Account Settings section.

  2. Generate an API Access Key

Connect Stitch to Secoda

  1. In Secoda, head to the Integrations page and click New Integration

  2. Select Stitch

  3. Paste the API Key

  4. Head to the Sync History tab on the side bar and click Run sync

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