AI Description Editor

The AI Assistant can now be embedded into your Catalog, Dictionary and Collections for one-click bulk edits to the Description field. This speeds up the process of working with the AI Assistant.

How does it work

The AI Assistant comes up with descriptions for your resources based on the metadata that already exists in your workspace. You are able to accept the description, ask for more iterations, as well as directly edit and override them. It also matches the tone, length of writing and other characteristics of descriptions that already exist across your workspace.

How to add AI-generated descriptions

First, you need to make sure the AI Assistant is enabled in your workspace. To set this up, an Admin will have to follow these steps.

In the Catalog

The AI can generate descriptions at both the column and table level. Follow these steps:

  1. Click into your Catalog and click into a table that you'd like to add descriptions to

  2. For editing one resource description:

    1. Select the orange Generate description button next to a table or column's description metadata

    2. You can choose to Reject the generated description, 🔃Try again or ☑️Keep it

    3. See the description filled out automatically!

  3. For editing descriptions in bulk:

    1. Select as many resources by clicking the small box next to the Column Title

    2. Click Apply AI Description > Generate

    3. A small box in the right hand corner titled Bulk AI Metadata Generation will appear and begin generating the descriptions

    4. Once complete, the descriptions will automatically appear in your Catalog!

  4. If you'd like to add more content to the description, you can simply click into the description to edit them

In the Dictionary and Collections

This feature can also be used to add descriptions to your Dictionary metrics and Collections. Simply click into those sections and follow the same steps outlined above!

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