An overview of the Amplitude integration with Secoda

Amplitude Metadata Extracted

Getting Started with Amplitude

There are two steps to get started using Amplitude with Secoda:

  1. Find your API Key and an API Secret (Secret Key) on Amplitude

  2. Connect Amplitude to Secoda with your API Key and API Secret (Secret Key)

Generate an API Key

  1. Login to Amplitude and head to the Settings/Project/Project Name section.

  2. Copy your API Key and API Secret (Secret Key).

Connect to Amplitude

  1. In Secoda, head to the Integrations page and click New Integration

  2. Select Amplitude

  3. Paste the API Key and API Secret (Secret Key)

  4. Head to the Sync History tab on the side bar and click Run sync

Currently only one environment gets extracted from the integration. This documentation from Amplitude explains how you can control which environment gets extracted

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