Publishing Workflow

Secoda is built with functionality that allows you to "publish" your workplace once you feel it is ready for viewers to see.

Getting Started with Publishing

Admins have access to view all resources in Secoda, while Editors have access to view the resources in the Teams that they are apart of. Viewers and Guests, on the other hand, can only view the published resources in the Teams that they are apart of. This functionality is built into Secoda to ensure that only the resources that are relevant and documented are available for consumption.

Published and Draft Tags

Each resource type has the ability to be marked as Published or to remain in Draft mode. This toggle is configurable by admins and editors.
Viewers can only see resources that are Published, so for example, a published table with no published columns would show a Viewer only the metadata on the table.
Any change made to a published or draft resource will automatically get "Staged for Publishing" tag.

How to Publish or Discard Changes

Once you're ready to publish your changes, you can navigate to the Publish button at the top left of the workspace.
This button will show you all the changes that have been made on that resource since the workspace was last published. You can select all changes or pick and choose changes before publishing them live to viewers.
Here, you also have the option to discard all or some changes that have been made.
This workflow can give you and the rest of your editors a way to collaborate on data documentation without worrying about overwriting each-others changes or having changes that aren't approved by an admin go out to the rest of the organization.

Publish all

If you'd like to publish all of your resources within Secoda, go to Settings > Publish.