Bulk Editing Metadata

This section will go over how to edit data resources in bulk- descriptions, columns, tables, badges, tags, etc.

How to Bulk Edit in the Catalog

Adding documentation manually to one resource at a time can be useful for small amounts of unique data. Many users have large amounts of data that need to be documented, and using our Bulk Editor tool is the best way to do that.

To get started, head to the "Catalog" tab from the navigation bar on the left. Here, you'll see all of your data catalog resources, which you can sort and search (by name) using:

  • Table name

  • Source

  • Database

  • Schema

  • Description

  • Tags

  • Status

  • Owners

  • Collections

  • Last Updated

You can bulk edit any of these fields.

Once the resources that you'd like to edit are in view, simply make the edit to one resource by clicking on it and making the change.

To apply this change to other resources in view, click on the edited resource, hold it down and drag to the other resources you'd like to apply this to (similar to how you would in Excel or Airtable).

You can also make bulk edits by selecting the resources you'd like to edit by pressing ctrl + c, and then ctrl + v (AKA copy and paste).

To see it in action, check out this Loom video:

Bulk editing other resource types

You are also able to do this same shortcut for bulk editing in the Dictionary, Collections and Documents! Simply make the edit to one cell, and drag to other resources that you'd like to apply the change to. Don't forget that you can add filters so that you're only making changes to a select group of resources.

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