Insert and embed resources from most online and collaboration tools within Secoda. You can also insert a generic embed.

Embedding and Generic Embeds

We know that your knowledge repository lives on many different tools. Sometimes these bits of knowledge are necessary to provide appropriate context within documentation, dictionary terms, questions, and collections.

Here's a walkthrough of how to embed and what sources Secoda allows you to embed from.

Embedding from external sources

Types of embeds in Secoda:

  • Queries

  • Charts

  • Abstract

  • Airtable

  • Bilibili

  • Cawemo

  • ClickUp

  • Codepen

  • DBDigram

  • Descript

  • Figma

  • Framer

  • Github Gist

  • Diagrams.net

  • GSuite

  • Google Data Studio

  • Hex Tech

  • InVision

  • Loom

  • Lucidchart

  • Marvel

  • Mindmeister

  • Miro

  • Mode

  • Pitch

  • Prezi

  • Spotify

  • Trello

  • Typeform

  • Vimeo

  • Whimsical

  • YouTube

To embed from an external source, simply type / and begin typing the source you'd like to embed from, or, scroll through until you find the source.

Inserting a generic embed

You can insert an embed that's not on the list. To insert a generic embed into a document:

Type / and scroll through the various functionalities until you find Generic Embed, or begin typing Embed and select Generic Embed.

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