dbt Core Metadata Extracted

List of all the metadata that Secoda pulls from dbt Core

What does Secoda extract from dbt Core?

dbt is a secondary integration that adds additional metadata on to your data warehouse or relational database tables. Before connecting dbt make sure to connect a data warehouse or relational database first. These include Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, Redshift, etc.

  • Models:

    • Description

    • URL

    • Compiled SQL

  • Columns:

    • Description

    • Tags

    • Updated Time

  • Tests:

    • Name

    • Description

    • URL

    • Tags

    • Status

    • Error

    • Compiled code

  • Metrics (Referred to as Dictionary terms in Secoda) on dbt v1.5 or less:

    • Name

    • Type

    • Dimensions

    • Time Grains

  • Lineage:

    • dbt Jobs <-> external Tables

    • dbt Exposures <-> external Tables

  • Groups (Groups are referred to as USER_GROUPS in Secoda)

  • Contracts (dbt Contracts are referred to as TEST in Secoda)

  • Exposures (dbt Exposures are referred to as DASHBOARD in Secoda)

    1. The exposures can be a dashboard, notebook, analysis, ml, or application, but we currently only support dashboards.

  • Semantic layer metrics (Referred to as Dictionary terms in Secoda) on dbt v1.6+:

    • Name

    • Type (Simple, Ration, Derived)

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