Invite Teammates to Secoda

Secoda is a tool built for collaboration. This section will go over how to add members of your team, how to control their permissions and roles, and how to group them.

How to invite teammates to Secoda

One of the first things you'll be prompted to do when you open the Secoda app for the first time is invite people that you work with. As a workplace admin, you're able to do this. Viewers and editors are not able to invite people. You can have multiple admins per workspace.
To start inviting teammates, go to the Settings page by clicking the ⚙ button in the bottom right corner. From here, click Members.
On this screen, you'll be able to see the plan level that you and your team are on, and the number of seats this plan includes. You'll also see a generic invite link to send to teammates (who will be added as Viewers by default), as well as current team members in the workspace and their roles.

Assigning Team Roles

In this same screen, you can view current members in your Secoda space, their emails, and the role that they have within Secoda.
You can edit teammate roles by clicking on the role button that is beside their name and info. You can remove them simply by clicking remove.
For more on what permissions certain roles have, check out Roles.

User Groups

Secoda makes it easy to group the different teammates you'll be adding to the platform and their permissions. This way, you can edit permissions and resources for people within the same function, instead of one by one.
We recommend grouping your teammates by team/job function.
To create a new user group, click Groups underneath the default Invite link. Then, click Add group.
To add new members to a group, click Add members. You can only add members to groups after you've added them as a teammate. You can also add users to a group upon sending them an invitation. You can add an emoji to represent this group by clicking on the letter beside the group name.
For more on user groups in Secoda, check out Groups.
From this screen, you're able to manage your invitations and invitation links. To do so, click on the Invitation Links tab, beside Members and Groups.
You'll be able to see every link that you've already created, what role that invitation link is for, and if applicable, which groups you've sent that link to.
You can create a new link by clicking Create link. After you've created a link, you can edit the role and group it's applicable to by clicking the role name (default is Viewer) and adding a group.
For more on Custom Invitation Links, check out Custom Invitation Links.
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