An overview of the Linear integration with Secoda

Push questions and replies to Linear

First head to Linear's API page and generate a personal access token.

Next head to your Secoda workspace's settings page and find the Linear tab from the left hand menu. There you can enter the personal access key you generated.

This will enable a one way sync of Secoda's questions and question replies to Linear. To enable a bidirectional sync between Linear and Secoda, you will have to add Secoda's webhook to Linear.

Push updates from Linear to Secoda

Head to this page and create a new webhook according to the screenshot below

To enable webhook integration with Linear, you will have to find out what your webhook endpoint is. If you are an on-prem customer, it will be and if you are a cloud customer, your webhook will be

Testing the integration

If the integration is working properly, any question asked on Secoda, should automatically get added to your Linear triage.

  • Assignee of the question is bi-directionally synced based on the email address of the assignee existing in both Secoda and Linear.

  • Updating the status of the question on Linear, automatically updates it on Secoda

  • Priority of the issue is bi-directionally synced with the priority of the question on Secoda

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