Ask Questions in Secoda

There is a lot of information that isn't discoverable using metadata or metrics. Sometimes, questions to the data team are much more nuanced and require a person on the data team to answer.
Often these questions are asked and answered in an ad hoc fashion through apps like Slack and Jira. With no official means of asking questions to your data team, questions and answers can get lost in the mix.
With Secoda, you can find past questions, as well as pose a new questions to the data team. Since Secoda is connected to your organization’s data, questions and answers can include links to relevant tables, queries, or even other questions.
Once a question is submitted, teammates can comment on the question and editors can verify the correct answer (or provide a different answer). Once an answer has been chosen by the admin (indicated by a green checkmark), others can find it through a search if they have a similar question.