Personalize your data portal

As an admin, you can change the appearance of your Secoda workspace to suit your team.

How to personalize Secoda for your company

There are various personalization options for Secoda users. These personalization options are displayed to viewers when they first come into Secoda. As an admin, you're able to "lock" some of these personalizations. If you don't lock these, then editors and viewers can personalize their workspace as they'd like.
To start personalizing your workspace:
  • Go to Settings from the sidebar
  • Go to Appearance to change your workspace home background.
    • As an admin, this is where you can lock the workspace background for other members on your team.
    • As an editor or viewer, if your admin hasn't locked this feature, you can edit your background here.
To change your workspace logo, go to Settings within the Settings menu.
This is where you can change your logo and workspace name.
You can also pin collections to the homepage to point viewers in the right direction when they first join your workspace. To learn more about pinning, follow this link:Pinning to Homepage
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