Create a Custom Integration

Using an API Request to Create the Integration

import requests

headers = dict(
    Authorization="Bearer <your-api-token>"
integration_type = "custom"

response =
    json=dict(type=integration_type, name="My Custom Integration", credentials={}),
print("Integration ID", response.get("id"))

This step should only be done once, as once the integration is created, you can use the integration ID to reference it.

Using the UI to Create the Integration

Navigate over to and click the New Integration button. Scroll to the bottom right to see the Custom Integration option.

You'll then be able to name your integration, and add any associated teams. By default, the integration will be named Untitled, and associate with the General team.

Once you've made the integration, you can alter some settings to determine the behaviour of your integrations. You can learn more about this in the Integration Settings page.

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