Tableau Integration

This page is an overview for the Tableau integration with Secoda
After connecting Tableau to Secoda, to view the metadata associated with one of your Tableau workbooks or dashboards, visit the catalog page and switch to the Dashboard tab, then click on the title of your Tableau workbook. That link will bring you to the following page.
Workbooks, Dashboards, and Sheets
The workbooks, dashboards, and sheets from Tableau and metadata such as description, owners, tags, URL, and last updated time are brought into Secoda automatically. In addition, the related sheets, dashboards, workbooks and datasources are also brought in and will display on the respective assets page.
Published, Embedded, and Custom SQL data sources
The data sources in Tableau are brought in as a "Table" entity. Their metadata such as description, tags, last updated time, and columns are extracted and will be displayed on the data source's page in Secoda.
The lineage from Tableau is brought into Secoda to feature all of the related resource to workbooks, dashboards, sheets, and datasources.
A fully interactive preview of Tableau dashboards and sheets are included in the resource page