Microsoft Azure AD SAML

Set up Microsoft Azure SAML in three easy steps.

Step 1 - Redirect URI

Go to, create a new app registration (single tenant), and add the relevant redirect URI (include the trailing slash). Make sure you replace company+com with your email domain.
For example, if your Secoda url is email is [email protected] then the redirect URI should be:

Step 2 - Application ID URI

Go to “App Registrations”, click on the app you just created and then click the “Expose an API” tab, and enter a value in the “Application ID URI” field. This should be to the email domain you own. This is only for verification purposes, this url is never called or redirected to.
Continuing with the example above, the Application ID URI field should be.
Click “Endpoints” and copy the “Federation metadata document”. This is an XML link that needs to be sent to the to the Secoda team.
Once Secoda has completed their steps, you will be able to go to navigate to Secoda, click “Sign in with SAML”, and enter your domain to complete sign-in.